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6 Prague locations of "The Gray Man", Netflix's most expensive production to date!

Here at Tourmeric we got to talk about the newest film released by Netflix, “The Gray Man” and while opinions on the film were split we all agreed that the locations where it was shot were definitely worth some digging in.

To begin with, the film takes place in many cities around the world including Bangkok, Baku, Berlin, Vienna and Prague.

In true Hollywood fashion, not every shot that was supposed to take place in a specific location was actually shot there. Los Angeles and the Californian backdrop helped the producers to substitute Turkey and Hong Kong for something more budget-friendly.

But the one city that was most prominently featured was the Golden City. Prague is one of the most popular destinations for European tourists and it had its day during the film.

Interestingly, Prague hosted some scenes as Prague, but it was also used to replicate parts of the movie that are supposed to take place in Baku, Berlin and Vienna.

Slightly more than 20mins into the film viewers are tricked to believe that the scene is taking place in Baku but for people that know Prague it is easy to spot the National Monument on top of the Vítkov Hill.

As the film progresses there is an interesting mix of Vienna and Prague skylines meant to depict Vienna but there is one distinct moment where we can tell that the city in questions is Prague. The movie was calling for the Vienna train station but it was substituted by the Prague railway station!

And then it is time for Prague to substitute Berlin. The impressive modern building is actually the new building of the National Museum in Prague and it is standing in as the Berlin headquarters of CIA.

After a sequence of a few unidentified Prague buildings, we arrive at one of the biggest action scenes of the movie which takes place in front of the famous Rudolfinum building. The Rudolfinum is a great example of neo-renaissance architecture and it houses the renowned Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.

Of course no Prague action would be complete without a view of the Charles bridge that takes place in the 63rd minute of the movie and of course the Prague Castle at about the 82nd minute!

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