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Top things to do on your 1 day in London

London is one of the most exciting cities in the world. And the city we are proud to call home here in Tourmeric.

There is a saying that if “a man is bored of London, is bored of life”. And we think that this is true. There is no other European city that offers such a range and diversity of things to do!

While this is amazing for Londoners it can be truly scary for visitors. Your exploration of London depends on so many different things.

Is this your first time?

Are you interested in sports or art?

Do you want to just take a flavour of the must-see landmarks?

And the list goes on and on.

Things to do in London on your first visit.

In one word endless. We will try to give you a bit of guidance. In order to get a detailed list of things to do we encourage you to download our app and set your interests so you get your personalised plan.

Though you need to start with the “must-sees”. No first visit in London can be complete without a visit to these worldwide treasures.

The West end of the city, which really is the west part of Central London, is the first area to explore

Things to do in the West End

We suggest that you hit the most important cluster first. The following places are quite close to each other:

The Houses of Parliament with the famous Big Ben - an enduring landmark of London for centuries. Surely you have seen countless pictures of the famous clock tower and the typical red phone booth around the corner

The London Eye - one of the most recent landmarks of the British capital that offers spectacular views

The Buckingham Palace - the residence of the Queen herself, it is impossible to not feel in awe outside it

The Trafalgar Square - a historic square dedicated to the naval battle of Trafalgar, that took place in the Spanish seas between the British and the Combined naval power of France and Spain in 1805

The National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery - situated next to each other right at the end of Trafalgar Square they provide a cultural gem for any visitor

Piccadilly and Leicester Square - the beating heart of the West End is split in these two lively squares so it has to be in the list of the must “things to do”

Soho - More of an area rather than a specific landmark this trendy, artistic and controversial neighbourhood is a must see

Regent’s Street - one of the most regal and impressive roads in all of Europe if not the world offers impressive architecture and a variety of options for retail therapy

Oxford Street - THE shopping street of Europe. This street has been holding its title for years and it is not by chance. Apart from impressive boutiques and famous retail giants here you will find the famous Selfridges & Co department store that will cater to all your needs

Marble Arch - a triumphal gate to the most celebrated park in Europe, Hyde Park. This arch has a dark past as well as it was often used as the location of public executions

The Admiralty Arch - the entrance to the Pall Mall, a road that leads straight to the impressive Buckingham Palace

The Wellington Arch - opposite to Marble Arch another triumphal arch with interesting history

Beyond the “Must See” and “Things to do” in London

This list might sound obvious but believe us it is not a short walk. It measures to about 8km not counting any time spent in queues or inside museums (or shops if that is your thing).

It is a good starting base for “things to do” in London and if you only have a day or less it is probably your go to plan!

But as we said there is no shortage of things to do in London! So keep an eye out here for more!

Or if you prefer to make your own plan with all the information you need, go ahead and download our Tourmeric app!

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